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The world’s debt problems have thus far been kept in check, as governments so far have been able to convince the general populace that reasonable solutions have been implemented. Thus curbing any major damage before another major economic crisis can occur. Let’s take for example the situation going on in Greece now. Almost daily, news reports come out with new solutions for handling Greece’s debt problems. The fact is, however; regardless of how this problem finally is solved the ending result will be the same. The two most likely end scenarios will be either Greece being drawn back to the drachma and dropping the euro altogether or more money printing to paper over the debt.

In either situation, these events will be closely watched by outside governments, markets, and investors alike worldwide. A common conclusion by all would be concluded. This would be considered an “Oh My God” moment. The only real solution left would be firing up all the printing presses at once to create massive amounts of money printing in a desperate attempt to paper over every other country’s debt problems at once. An event of this magnitude would inevitability de-base the values of all fiat currencies worldwide.

With fiat currencies around the world, all losing their purchasing power rapidly, everybody including the general public at large and the nay-sayers would be forced to recognize and accept that ownership of physical gold and silver are only but a few of the true haven assets left to park their remaining resources into. This is where the general population will rush in trying to get into the physical gold and silver markets all at once.

This would be the point where the general public finally entered the physical markets. At this point, the gold and silver cartels would lose control over the physical precious metals markets and their price manipulation tactics. This scenario would be a game-changing event, thus finally allowing the physical markets to be in-direct control of market prices. The transfer of power from the once powerful cartels to the physical precious metals markets would be complete.

Smart people have been and still are, buying up whatever physical gold and silver they can afford. It is important however to understand that greater participation in the physical markets must happen before any such transfer of power and price control can occur. The actual physical supply of gold and silver still available is in limited supply. Once the “tipping point” is breached between market demand and physical supply another game-changing event would occur, seeing prices for the precious metals drastically go north. This event could be seen as the last phase.

For those who are holding or still accumulating gold and silver a great wealth transfer will follow placing the wealth from other sources into your hands during this last phase. From this point what would be a good exit strategy? Of course, there could be several opportunities and possibilities. I will say this, waiting until this last phase has been completed would be the best possible time to make your exit into other opportunities, where hopefully the world will have stabilized somehow. But before this occurs, holding and or still accumulating these metals would be the wisest decision one could make during these times. As you would be richly rewarded for your courage and patience while others flounder.