Will Gold And Silver Save You?

After WWI the German economy was left eroding as it suffered from massive debt, created by high war costs to fight the war. As the years after WWI continued, Germany’s economy steadily got worse. The rapid rise in food costs was among the first things citizens of Weimar experienced. In November 1923 hyperinflation peaked, and food costs went absolutely out of control. During its peak, food prices skyrocketed, with a loaf of bread costing 3 trillion marks, a single glass of beer 4 trillion marks, and a pound of meat 36 trillion marks. Their money was useless.

Weimar’s hyperinflation was directly attributed to the German central bank over-inflating its money supply. They printed greater and greater amounts of money, in desperate attempts to absorb the massive debt they created. Sadly the United States and other countries today are falling into the same trap, abusing their central bank printing presses and over-inflating their money supplies. This just creates more and more inflation in society. As excessive money supplies grow, inflation increases along with prices for food and other basic staples.

With the western central bank and government in abilities to properly correct serious debt problems of the west, were finding ourselves on a path towards hyperinflation. An economic event, that could become worse than what took place in 1923 Weimar Germany. If you don’t want to end up living in poverty when a major economic event strikes, you must purchase physical gold and silver. These precious metals are real money. They are capable of storing their true value regardless of any economic situation and they carry zero counterparty risks. Gold and silver are not an investment, their investment tools are capable of hedging inflation or deflation and they cannot be counterfeited as fiat currencies can.

As governments continue debasing their currencies with excessive money printing, inflation is going to increase. We know this, for several years we have seen massive money printing going on in the United States, the EU, England, Japan, and other Asian economies. Fiat money from all nations is tied together through the US dollar. All of them lose value and purchasing power. We are now past the point of no return for any real recovery. Inflation will continue driving up food costs because feed and fuel costs for farmers continue to increase. These additional costs will be forced upon consumers.

The west is not the only economy that has been affected by rising food costs. The Asia-Pacific region has also been under serious hardship. Southeast Asia’s major farm-producing economies of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam have dropped from 38.6 percent in 1970 down to 14.5 in 2007. China went from 35 percent in 1970 to 11 percent in 2007. Quality farmland in these nations has given way to new construction for homes and factories to meet the needs of ever-growing populations and industries. Another factor for the loss of food production is the increased demand for biofuel crops within these regions.

The powerful banking cartels globally control all mainstream media. The same media that always gives false reports on real annual food costs and rising food prices to consumers. Furthermore, this media never mentions who is creating the problems. Central bank policies are the driving mechanism behind the destruction of fiat currencies and their purchasing power globally.

In the East, Chinese and Indian investors are already aware gold and silver are a means of protection from the rising costs of food and other basic resources that are coming about from the global economic crisis. Their citizens in mass, are buying up precious metals on every price dip that occurs. In the West, most citizens are still blind to this fact and ignore gold and silver purchases altogether.

It is important to understand that if you’re not already converting your fiat currency into physical precious metals; you will not have your financial security protected in the future. Those that have will survive while seeing the rest of the world go down the great abyss. Be prepared; don’t let your assets become worthless. Invest today in physical precious metals, assuring your family’s survival for tomorrow and beyond.

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Silver Still To Out Perform Gold

The Spanish bonds most surely will hit levels that could exceed seven percent very soon. Greece could still keep the euro, knowing all good austerity measures will not be able to last into the foreseeable future. Cyprus keeps getting dragged down under enormous amounts of debt now equal to that of Iceland, which is another foreseen hot spot.

One important thing to remember is the underlying factors that started the global crisis in the first place. These factors amounted to excessive amounts of money and debt within the global economy. Simply put, excessive money will force up asset prices. On the other hand, the destruction of debt or de-leveraging will force money out of the monetary system all the while taking asset prices down with it. The bailouts over the past three years are coming apart because they were supported by artificial prices, to begin with.

The matter for investors now is to choose where their money should go. It can be a tricky decision when certain asset classes such as stocks or real estate keep losing value. Bonds seem to be more favorable to investors lately. But with all that has happened within Greece and Spain, bonds truly are one of the worst investment classes now to get into for future asset protection.

Now many investors seem to be channeling themselves into smaller asset classes notably gold and silver. The best part of this investment is that this is true money. These precious metals offer no counter-party risk. No central bank can print these metals for monetary manipulation to devalue their true worth. They also double as an insurance policy. Offering protection to the investor from monetary inflation which is continuously being created by the central bankers the world over.

To time the market moves within the gold and silver markets are difficult. For those wishing to invest in precious metals, it is advisable to invest in physical metals only. Stay away from all precious metal paper assets. You must plan to hold these investments for the long term. Buy on price dips and at timely intervals such as monthly if possible. This allows you to dollar cost average the price over the entire investment period.

Many experts do agree with analysts who have a keen sense of detecting precious metal market bottoms. When bottoms do occur, you can bet the bottoms inside stocks will be much lower. In an up-turn market silver almost always performs better than gold. However, it performs worse when the market reverses itself. This could be due to higher price manipulation within a smaller market. For whatever reason, it’s safe to say that one can have confidence when gold’s price rises, but silver will still outperform.


Now Is The Time To Invest In Gold And Silver

It has become clear that the need for change is at hand now seems to be that time. It’s time to start thinking of new ways to make additional income. In today’s world, there is a need to have multiple streams of income.

But how does one go about creating these multiple streams of income? What are the possibilities?

Have you thought about the changes coming and what you will do about them to protect yourself and your family?

Every day there seems to be some news that threatens our way of life. Waking up in the morning is a soap opera of news events of the day and more and more there is a feeling of insulting our intelligence as a whole.

It has become clear that there is a need to see things from a new perspective, with new eyes which means we may have to move out of our comfort zone and look more at what possibilities lie ahead. A little research would benefit us greatly.
I have done much research and found that there are many ways to position ourselves that will increase our way of life for the better, we do not have to become victims to the games that others would like us to fall victim to.

Looking out for yourself in ways that not only help you and your family but also encourage others to take the right action.

The fear of loss is great and people everywhere are asking themselves what am I going to do how can I find new ways to protect myself?

The opportunities of today are huge we can find ourselves in a better position than ever before but we must take action. We must pay attention and notice that we are a global economy now and there are opportunities within this economy it’s not just America that we should be focusing on.

Offshore banking can benefit us, it doesn’t have to be secret to benefit us it’s just a smart thing to do.

A critical report could hold the key to your very future. An offshore bank account is perhaps the simplest way to start.

The currency crisis is real and so is the potential for bank failures. Our currency is being devalued and learning how to protect yourself is of great importance.
We are all concerned about our future everyone can benefit from paying attention to the new opportunities that are available to us.

It wouldn’t hurt to put a little gold and silver in your life also. It’s a great investment and its value is rising. Check out some of the resources on my website to educate yourself. The most important thing is to protect yourself and be ready to benefit when the need arises.

Gold And Silver News

The world’s debt problems have thus far been kept in check, as governments so far have been able to convince the general populace that reasonable solutions have been implemented. Thus curbing any major damage before another major economic crisis can occur. Let’s take for example the situation going on in Greece now. Almost daily, news reports come out with new solutions for handling Greece’s debt problems. The fact is, however; regardless of how this problem finally is solved the ending result will be the same. The two most likely end scenarios will be either Greece being drawn back to the drachma and dropping the euro altogether or more money printing to paper over the debt.

In either situation, these events will be closely watched by outside governments, markets, and investors alike worldwide. A common conclusion by all would be concluded. This would be considered an “Oh My God” moment. The only real solution left would be firing up all the printing presses at once to create massive amounts of money printing in a desperate attempt to paper over every other country’s debt problems at once. An event of this magnitude would inevitability de-base the values of all fiat currencies worldwide.

With fiat currencies around the world, all losing their purchasing power rapidly, everybody including the general public at large and the nay-sayers would be forced to recognize and accept that ownership of physical gold and silver are only but a few of the true haven assets left to park their remaining resources into. This is where the general population will rush in trying to get into the physical gold and silver markets all at once.

This would be the point where the general public finally entered the physical markets. At this point, the gold and silver cartels would lose control over the physical precious metals markets and their price manipulation tactics. This scenario would be a game-changing event, thus finally allowing the physical markets to be in-direct control of market prices. The transfer of power from the once powerful cartels to the physical precious metals markets would be complete.


Smart people have been and still are, buying up whatever physical gold and silver they can afford. It is important however to understand that greater participation in the physical markets must happen before any such transfer of power and price control can occur. The actual physical supply of gold and silver still available is in limited supply. Once the “tipping point” is breached between market demand and physical supply another game-changing event would occur, seeing prices for the precious metals drastically go north. This event could be seen as the last phase.

For those who are holding or still accumulating gold and silver a great wealth transfer will follow placing the wealth from other sources into your hands during this last phase. From this point what would be a good exit strategy? Of course, there could be several opportunities and possibilities. I will say this, waiting until this last phase has been completed would be the best possible time to make your exit into other opportunities, where hopefully the world will have stabilized somehow. But before this occurs, holding and or still accumulating these metals would be the wisest decision one could make during these times. As you would be richly rewarded for your courage and patience while others flounder.

Dollar And Euro Vs Gold And Silver

Gold has always been used as a hedge against devaluing currencies including the US dollar. Silver has always had a high industrial demand. However, now it is also being used to hedge inflation being dubbed the “poor man’s gold.”

The US dollar for decades has been relied upon as the world’s reserve currency, always maintaining a high value against other industrial world currencies. But with excessive money printing going on from the Federal Reserve currently (covertly) and from 2009 through 2011 when QE 1 and QE 2 were implemented the value of the dollar as measured on the Dollar Index has fallen sharply. Presently the situation in the Eurozone is unpredictable. There is no positive resolution currently in place to fix the European debt problems and now the euro currency is currently at all-time lows. The US Dollar has now risen back up on the Dollar Index as measured against the euro.

This makes the dollar “appear” very strong, while negatively affecting gold’s market price. With the dollar ranking high on the Index many investors have been dumping gold and buying dollars. This action is giving the impression that the dollar is even stronger than before while lowering gold’s market value. Many investors with weak stomachs, cannot ride out gold or silver’s current ups and downs. Investors get cold feet and then start selling their precious metals in fear prices will stay suppressed for some time. This is not the time to be exiting out of precious metals. Rather, it’s time to be buying more of it.

In reality, however, the US dollar’s purchasing power is not increasing, nor getting stronger as it appears. The intrinsic fundamentals for the dollar have not changed at all. Yes, the dollar appears as if it is increasing but only when measured against the euro which currently is in worse condition than the dollar. The euro is a currency currently used by numerous broke and nearly bankrupt nations.

The reasons for the global loss in purchasing power for the US dollar remain firmly intact, while the Federal Reserve maintains near-zero interest rates, at a minimum through 2013. That means that real interest rates will stay negative for quite some time. Also, there won’t be any indication as to when things will start turning positive again. With the M2 money supply increasing by 10% within the last year, money supply expansion rates will stay positive.

America’s debt and deficits have spiraled completely out of control therefore defaulting would seem the only logical solution left. When the European crisis finally comes to America (we are not far behind) the dollar’s true value will finally appear. Because the real value will no longer have the advantage of being cloaked behind a currency more broken than itself.

The value of the US dollar and euro are steadily falling. Both are declining quickly, however, the euro is eroding faster. This gives the appearance the dollar is better off when comparing it to the euro. Both are heading for a crash landing, where ultimately both will be destroyed. Only physical gold or silver will cushion that landing, allowing you to escape massive financial losses.

If you’re worried even the slightest about the economic situations occurring in the US and Europe, then buying and storing physical gold and silver is what you need to do today. It is also important to mention that keeping these physical metals outside world banking systems is the best protection you can have. The reason is that only you at that point have total control of your investment.